Institutional Meetings

In addition to Sectoral and Plenary formats, the NSMC also meets in Institutional format, with the Northern Ireland Executive represented by the First Minister and deputy First Minister and the Irish Government represented by the Minister for Foreign Affairs. In this format, the NSMC considers institutional and cross-sectoral issues, including in relation to the EU, and endeavours to resolve disagreements and difficulties in the operations of the NSMC.
The Council has met ten times in Institutional format:
Tenth Institutional Meeting Belfast 25 February 2015
Ninth Institutional Meeting Dublin 10 January 2014
Eighth Institutional Meeting, Stormont Castle, Belfast 29 April 2013
Seventh Institutional Meeting, Royal Hospital Kilmainham, Dublin - 27 April 2012
Sixth Institutional Meeting, Stormont Castle - 3 October 2011
Fifth Institutional Meeting, Stormont Castle - 11 November 2009
Fourth Institutional Meeting, Dublin - 28 April 2009
Third Institutional Meeting, Stormont Castle - 17 December 2007
Second Institutional Meeting, Dundalk - 30 October 2007
First Institutional Meeting, Parliament Buildings, Belfast - 17 December 2001
Joint Communiques for Institutional Meetings are available in the Publications section.
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