The Council meets in the Agriculture Sector in order to make decisions on cooperation in areas including animal and plant health; research, innovation and bioeconomy; climate change and biodiversity; farm safety; and rural development.

The work programme for the Agriculture Sector is below.

 1. Animal and Plant Health, Policy and Research  

  • Policy on the range of animal and plant health and welfare issues.  
  • Operational aspects of such policies and of associated research (where applicable).  

2. Research, Innovation and Bioeconomy 

  • Support collaboration for research and innovation funding through co-funding initiatives, EU funding structures, and the US – Ireland R&D Partnership 
  • Engagement on R&I policy and infrastructure matters 
  • Engagement and collaboration on bio-economy matters. 

3. Climate Change and Biodiversity issues relating to the Agriculture Sector 

  • Engagement on ammonia and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Co-operation on the development of a fertiliser register
  • Sustainable Biomethane production. 

4. Farm Safety 

  • Support the work of the ‘North South Farm Safety Group’ to promote and improve farm safety across the island of Ireland.  

5. Rural Development  

  • Exchange information on experience and best practice in both jurisdictions in relation to rural development  
  • Explore the potential for increased co-operation in the implementation of rural development programmes, where appropriate  
  • Examine the scope for cross-border research into rural development issues. 

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