The Council meets in the Agriculture Sector in order to make decisions on common policies and approaches in areas such as Common Agricultural Policy issues, animal and plant health policy and research and rural development.

The initial agreed work programme includes:

1.  Discussion on Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) issues

  • The annual price review, the World Trade Organisation, etc, in accordance with critical events in the CAP timetable and without prejudice to the UK and Irish negotiating positions
  • Liaison with the European Commission and other EU institutions on issues of mutual interest
  • Common problems in the administration of CAP schemes and programmes and co-ordination of the implementation of support measures.

2.  Animal and Plant Health, Policy and Research

  • Policy on the range of animal and plant health and welfare issues
  • Operational aspects of such policies and of associated research (where applicable)

3.  Rural Development

The role of the existing steering committee on cross-border rural development extended to:

  • Promote maximum co-operation in the implementation of rural development programmes and on EU programmes
  • Exchange information on experience and best practice in both jurisdictions in relation to rural development
  • Examine the scope for common approach to the feasibility of developing cross-border area based strategies and rural development research

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