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The Council meets in the Tourism Sector in order to make decisions on common policies and approaches in the area of tourism.  It also takes decision on policies and actions to be implemented by Tourism Ireland CLG, a publicly owned limited company established to promote the island of Ireland overseas as a tourist destination.

The initial agreed work programme includes:

  • Planning and delivering international tourism marketing programmes, including programmes in partnership with the industry North and South.
  • Publication and dissemination in overseas markets of information of a balanced and comprehensive nature on the island of Ireland as a tourist destination, which must reflect the diverse traditions, forms of cultural expression, and identities within the island.
  • Market research, provision of information and other appropriate assistance to help the industry develop international marketing expertise.
  • Co-operation with, consulting, and assisting other bodies or associations in carrying out such activities.
  • Carrying out surveys and collecting relevant statistics and information.

The Chairperson of Tourism Ireland CLG is Christopher Brooke and the Vice Chairperson is Nóirín Hegarty. The Chief Executive is Niall Gibbons.

You can view Tourism Sector Joint Communiques in the Publications section.

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