Food Safety Promotion Board

The Council meets in the Food Safety Sector to make decisions on policies and action to be implemented by the Food Safety Promotion Board under the name Safefood.


The Food Safety Promotion Board is principally charged with tasks involving food safety awareness - through public campaigns, conferences, training and advising professionals and the general public. It is also involved in supporting North South scientific co-operation, and links between institutions working in the field of food safety - laboratories, statutory food safety enforcement agencies, international and domestic research bodies. Its remit also includes the promotion of specialised laboratory services, North and South. Cross-border co-operation in all of these areas, between organisations working in these fields, is central to the work of the Body.

The Body operates from its offices in Cork and Dublin. Gary Kearney is the Designated Officer. Eddie Rooney is the Chairperson of the Advisory Board.

You can view Food Safety Sector Joint Communiques in the Publications section.

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