St Andrews Agreement Review


The North South Ministerial Council (NSMC) agreed, at its Plenary meeting on 17 July 2007,  to take forward the Review of the North South Implementation Bodies and Areas for Co-operation, as provided for in the St Andrews Agreement.
The Terms of Reference of the Review are as follows:

  1. To examine objectively the efficiency and value for money of existing Implementation Bodies;
  2. To examine objectively the case for additional bodies and areas of co-operation within the NSMC where mutual benefit would be derived; and
  3. To input into the work on the identification of a suitable substitute for the proposed Lights Agency of the Foyle, Carlingford and Irish Lights Commission.

The Review was undertaken by a Review Group of senior officials and an advisory panel of four experts/advisers, two appointed by the Northern Ireland Executive and two appointed by the Irish Government reporting to the NSMC.


Following NSMC endorsement of recommendations at the Plenary meeting in June 2012, the first element of the St Andrews Agreement Review (efficiency and value for money of the North South Bodies) is largely complete.  Any remaining elements from this part of the review will be taken forward at relevant NSMC Sectoral meetings.

The other elements of the review are being progressed. At the NSMC Plenary on 8 November 2013, the Council agreed that Ministers consider their priorities in their respective sectoral areas. The outcome of this exercise will be considered at a future NSMC Institutional meeting.

A copy of a report of the advisory panel of experts/advisers to the Review group is available to download St Andrews Agreement Review-TOR1-Report of expert advisers.

Please note - this document is a report prepared for consideration by the Review Group set up by NSMC and does not constitute the views of NSMC on the outcome of the Review