The Council meets in the Transport Sector in order to make decisions on common policies and approaches in areas such as co-operation on strategic transport planning including road and rail infrastructure and public transport services and road and rail safety.

The initial agreed work programme includes:

1.  Strategic Transport Planning

  • Review and updating of transport policy for the island of Ireland taking account of the requirements of the Trans-European Network and covering
    • the national road network
    • the mainline rail network
    • cross border bus services
    • sustainable transport management
    • co-ordination of transport aspects of EU cross-border programmes
    • development of plans for specific cross-border projects.

2.  Road and Rail Safety

Experience of road and rail safety programmes.

  • Road and rail safety targets and priorities.
  • The possibility of harmonisation of road and rail safety reporting and information systems and mutual recognition of driving disqualifications, penalty points, etc.
  • The possibility of joint road safety campaigns and educational initiatives where this would lead to economies of scale.
  • The  development of common rail safety standards and criteria and a common regulatory framework for rail safety.
  • Co-operation between the Railway Inspectorates North and South.

You can view Transport Sector Joint Communiques in the Publications section.

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